Garces Trading Co. Opened Yesterday: Trying the Cubano Sandwich

"Hey Chef Garces, mind if I snap a picture?"

Yesterday was the big opening of Garces Trading Co. I know I was not the only one frothing at the mouth in excitement over this (I am looking at you Luncher Matt).

I won’t embarrass myself by going on about how my favorite part of the lunch was getting that dimpled smile directed my way for a moment… But it was nice to see Iron Chef Garces managing the sandwich station on opening day.

The rest of the staff is equally warm and knowledgeable; though I can’t help my extreme jealousy of knowing they all got to try every menu item, including all of the cheeses.  They are happy to share though, I snagged a sample of sheep’s milk cheese and house made chorizo (both were outstanding).

Upon arrival you are warmly greeted and can choose to either be seated for a meal, you can head to the left for the cheese, meat, bakery, and take out counter, you can pick up pastries and coffee in the back, or you can purchase wine in the cellar on the right hand side. Out of walnut oil? You can grab some in the center aisle.

Is this budget friendly? Not a chance. Lunch options that are $10 or less are limited to the soups, salads, all but one of the sandwiches, and the fusilli carbonara. For my first trip, I tried the cubano sandwich.

Lots of eye candy, after the jump, I promise…

While the sandwich was not huge, it was jam packed with pig, both ham and roast pork. The ham had a nice spicy kick to it. I am used to cubans being pressed, and mine wasn’t, don’t know if this was on purpose or a first day oversight, but the sandwich would have benefited greatly from having the Gruyere melted and the bread a little toasted. That crusty bread and their thinly sliced crisp pickles matched perfectly with the porcine pieces.

Though my wallet does not allow me to try another sandwich out today, I am looking forward to trying out more of the menu soon. I am also interested in putting together my own (and maybe wallet friendlier) sandwich using their bread, charcuterie, cheese, and accompaniments. What about slices of house made mozzarella, house made fennel salami, on french bread with roasted garlic dulce de leche?

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • High high high quality ingredients
  • The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and easy on the eyes
  • A huge selection of fancy sandwich supplies to put together your dream sandwich

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • $10 for a sandwich, without a drink and before taxes is a lot
  • I like my cubanos pressed
  • There was a bit of a wait for the sandwich

Garces Trading Company, 1111 Locust St (btw 11th and 12th St.), 215-574-1099



  • the staff is adorable. Im sold. Moving to Philly now.

  • The cubano looks good but would probably pass at 10 for just the sandwich. Switch the dudes with Ladies on staff and I’m likely sold. ;P

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    Any thoughts on what they would charge for your pig sandwich with a side of those adorable dimples? I love few things more than great cheese, and anything created by Garces is appealing, so I am looking forward to checking this place out. Thank you!

  • I cannot wait to try this place out! Everything my stomach craves in one spot. Mmm pickles on the sammy, gets a thumbs up by me.

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