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Mid Wilshire Gets a Shot at Lazy Ox Canteen Today


If you missed Downtown Chef Josef Centeno (from the very awesome Lazy Ox Canteen) aboard the Cart For a Cause Truck last week in Santa Monica, you’ve got another shot at it today. The truck will be parked at 5900 Wilshire today from 11:30 am to 1:30pm, and it looks like he’ll once again be serving up his signature “baco” – a self proclaimed hybrid of a taco and flatbread (although we thought of it more as a Chinese bun “sandwich”, made with flatbread instead of bao.) You get one of those plus a cookie, pistachios and a drink- all for $10! And it benefits City Meals on Wheels. Still not convinced this is the place to be for lunch today? Check out the baco porn, after the jump…

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The Lazy Ox’s Lunch Menu Makes Me Break My Rules


Longtime readers of this site are all too familiar with my quirky rules for determining what places qualify as bonafide “Midtown Lunches”.  (All you can eat buffet = good.  The *best* salad and turkey sandwiches = meh.)  But the one that looms largest is price.  There are actually multiple reasons for this rule.  #1.  I’m a cheap bastard and of the opinion that it is our god given right to a delicious and filling lunch, for under $10.  But it’s also a matter of self preservation as well.  I’m already overwhelmed with the number of must try under $10 lunches in Los Angeles.  Open the site up to every $12 lunch menu, avocado topped, boar’s head serving, salad/sandwich spot in L.A. and my head would probably explode. Plus I’m not interested in those kind of lunches.

But I’ll tell you what I am interested in.  An oyster po’boy with french fries from the Lazy Ox Canteen!  Profiled Lunch’ers “Shawna & Sonja” recommended the place, KevinEats was impressed“The Guru” found some things to like about it, and the L.A. Times just gave them 3 stars (and called their burger the best in town.)  How could I not?

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