Chicken and Rice Goes Brick and Mortar Near Dodger Stadium

At the beginning of the year, Los Angeles finally got its very own NYC style chicken and lamb over rice cart. They’re still spending nights in Hollywood, but those of us looking for a lunchtime street meat fix have been SOL… until now, that is.  Yesterday Chicken & Rice LA opened a brick and mortar shop on N. Figueroa just up the street from Dodger Stadium.  They took over an old pizza place, so in addition to their plates of chicken and lamb over rice with hot sauce and white sauce, there is also pizza.

Which means, there’s also… drumroll please… chicken and rice pizza.

More a commissary than a restaurant, they don’t really have menus or much in the way of decor (besides this great mural) but the chicken and rice is pretty much the same as what you would get from their cart.  (Minus the joy of standing drunk on the sidewalk in the dark shoveling it into your face as fast as you can.)

As for the pizza?  They were out of dough and cheese during lunch because of their grand opening so we didn’t get to try it.  But they were nice enough to send us a photo.

You might be surprised to hear that this isn’t the first time street meat pizza has been done. But the L.A. version looks kind of better, don’t you think?  I will definitely be back… when’s the next Dodgers’ home game?

Chicken and Rice LA, 3232 N. Figueroa St.


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