7 Reasons to Hate L.A. Lunching (The “Salad Pizza” Edition)

I try to be positive here on Midtown Lunch… and I freakin’ love this city.  The food is amazing, and there’s no better place to be a “Midtown Lunch’er”.    But as much as I love much of the food in L.A. (and will defend it to the death against any outsiders, ornatives with an inferiority complex) there are some things about lunching in this town that really annoy me.  Here are 7 of them, LAist style, for your enjoyment…

1. First bagel pizza, now this. You’re not fooling anybody Abbot’s.  The saddest thing is, if I was going to eat a salad I would want it to be served on top of cheese covered baked dough.  Does that make this genius?  I don’t even want to think about it…


2.  If nobody is allowed to serve a $14 pastrami sandwich within 2 miles of Langer’s, than fair is fair.  Nobody is allowed to open a ramen/tsukemen combo within two miles of Tsujita.

3. Ink.sack has a bread-less sandwich option!?  Et tu, Michael Voltaggio?


4. If you start a food truck with the ultimate goal of opening a brick and mortar, you might want to think a bit harder about that name. But I do like your garlic pizza, though, so all is forgiven.  Kind of.  Not really.

5.  Listen… I know photo menus should never be trusted, but shouldn’t the ingredients at least match up?  If the photo of the house fried rice on the wall looks like this…

Than the actual fried rice shouldn’t look like this.

Fat man likey roast pork and bean sprouts in his fried rice. Why you make fat man angry?


6. If you’re eating at a super popular take out spot on Abbot Kinney whose only seating consists of a handful of milk crates in the alley next to the restaurant, and there are people waiting to sit and eat their lunch, don’t sit on two milk crates fatty!!! Also, don’t use a third as a table.

7.  Here’s some creative math for you: a full sandwich at La Monarca bakery in Santa Monica is $7.  Order a “slider” version of the sandwich and this is what they give you…

Half of the same sandwich sandwich.  For $2.50. Wait, did I say I was mad about this?  Best. Menu loophole. Ever.

Got anything lunch related you’d like to gripe about? Feel free to post it in the comments… And click here to see all past lists of “Reasons to Hate L.A.”



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    I’ll gripe about the fact that these days, anything smaller than a full-on sandwich or burger is called a slider. Like this puffy thing.

  • I’m pretty pissed Chego no longer seems to be stocking takeout lids for its rice bowls. The aluminum foil just doesn’t cut it, especially if you plan on stacking bowls in the bag.

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