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Tokyo Kitchen Bites The Dust

Can we get a collective “Noooooo!” with the confirmation that Tokyo Kitchen (aka Tokyo Lunch) is indeed shuttered? That was the thought that went through my head when I was snapping pictures of the place on John St. (btw. B’way & Nassau) with the gate down. It was brought to my attention in the forums, and looks like it’s not a renovation, as it’s marked as closed on Yelp. The two shops next to it are also empty, so I don’t know if it has anything to do with the construction of the Fulton St. Transit Center or if that’s just a really bad place to have a business. I will miss the Japanese curry most of all, and the fact that it seemed like a place you might actually come across in Tokyo.

Return to Tokyo Kitchen: Revenge of the Curry

For those of you haven’t studied my bio extensively, I lived in Japan for a year teaching English.  It was a pretty good time, but I came down with a horrible affliction while I was there known as Curry Fever.   Symptoms include, but are not limited to, a strong craving for Japanese curry anytime one thinks of Japan.  While most people might immediately think of sushi, ramen, or soba when they think Japanese food, curry is what immediately springs to my mind.  (That and karaage.  Oh karaage, I miss you so!)  And to be completely honest, good Japanese curry is hard to come by in this town, and yes, I’ve been to GoGo Curry.  While they do a great job on their katsu, I’m not wild about the curry itself.   So when Lunch’er Miche endorsed the curry at Tokyo Kitchen (10 John Street, at Broadway) when Kevin wrote about it back in January, I had to investigate.  So investigate I did. Read more »

Tokyo Kitchen is Batting .500

My new gig as your humble  downtown grub correspondent has gotten me paying close attention to every storefront I pass, even on blocks I’ve walked down a thousand times. For three years, Tokyo Kitchen on John Street between Broadway and Nassau has somehow managed to tuck itself into my culinary blind spot. No more.

Once I took a closer look, this narrow Japanese joint seemed like a Lunch’ers dream find: Tiny. Ethnic. A little grubby. Busy. Bilingual. Jackpot.

Well, kind of.  My first dish from here–chicken katsu don–left me unimpressed, but I was so grabbed by the aesthetic of this place that I had to give it another shot. I am happy to report that Tokyo Kitchen redeemed themselves with their udon, and that I’ll be back to explore the rest of this menu soon.

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