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A No-Frills Fried Fish Sandwich At Terrace Fish & Chips Needs Little Adornment


Somedays, against my will, I crave a lunch that’s kind of trashy. My mind wandered back to a delicious fish sandwich on white bread that I had at the defunct Sea World in Tribeca, and I wondered if I could find something similar in the Financial District. The answer is yes, because you can find something similar at Terrace Fish & Chips just off of Pearl St. (nr. Stone). But would it be as good?  Read more »

Fish Burrito At Terrace Fish & Chip Is Worth Smelling Like Fried Food For The Rest Of The Day

In the course of doing my “fieldwork” (aka, eating) for reviews I often have to dine in some pretty small and poorly-ventilated dining areas. Terrace Fish & Chip on Pearl (at Coenties Alley) takes the cake though for leaving me smelling like I ate in a place that only serves fried foods. I went there to check out the fish burrito that lunch’er Mel recommended. I don’t think the location that was shut down on Fulton St. served this, but there it was, advertised prominently on the front counter. I was a little concerned about eating a burrito from a place that specializes in frying everything, but I figured if I could take a chance on an all you can eat buffet at a similar establishment and survive, I’d be OK. Read more »

Terrace Fish & Chips Fulton Location Seized

One of the three locations of Terrace Fish & Chips was seized by the marshal, with the gates down and notices posted on Friday. I reviewed this location a while back and every time I walked by it was always busy, but I’m guessing the landlord was jacking up the rent because a sign on the door says they lost their lease. See the notice after the jump. Read more »

Sea Creatures Meet A Tasty End At Terrace Fish & Chip

If you assumed as I did that there was no cheapskate place downtown focusing on creatures of the deep, you probably haven’t been to Terrace Fish & Chip (on Fulton St., between Nassau and Dutch). It’s like they’ve mathematically figured out every possible combination of fried or grilled fish, shrimp, scallops, crab cakes and clams. Then they throw in some seafood rice, French fries and/or salad, and you have lunch.

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