A No-Frills Fried Fish Sandwich At Terrace Fish & Chips Needs Little Adornment


Somedays, against my will, I crave a lunch that’s kind of trashy. My mind wandered back to a delicious fish sandwich on white bread that I had at the defunct Sea World in Tribeca, and I wondered if I could find something similar in the Financial District. The answer is yes, because you can find something similar at Terrace Fish & Chips just off of Pearl St. (nr. Stone). But would it be as good? 


At Terrace you get one or two fish filets (either whiting or the pricier flounder) between two slices of white or wheat bread for between $6 and $9 depending on whether you want lettuce and tomato. I got mine with vegetables, but I would recommend you just go with fish and bread because the vegetables just made the whole thing soggy. Some squirts of hot sauce and I was ready to eat.


The fish was fried to order and stayed crispy which was a nice antidote to the super-soft white bread. I would recommend dressing it up with tartar sauce, hot sauce or cocktail sauce which you can find bottles of on the counter. This was a fairly large sandwich, but if you need more food you can get it as a combo with fries and a drink for $9. While this wasn’t as hefty as the four-filet specimen from Sea World, it did satisfy my trashy lunch requirement.

Terrace Fish & Chips, 77 Pearl St. (nr. Stone St.), (212) 809-4604, (646) 525-2060


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