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Sun Cafe Redeems Itself With A Terrific Sushi Roll Lunch Special

It’s hard finding sushi lunch specials downtown that are the right balance of quality and price. Often you pay $8 to $10 and get two skimpy rolls with an iceberg lettuce salad or cup of miso soup, and you’re hungry again in an hour. Or you just have to break the $10 barrier so you’re not in search of a snack right after lunch. I’m happy to say that if you work within walking or delivery distance of Sun Cafe on Reade St. (btw. Broadway & Church), I think you’re going to be happy with the size and price of the sushi rolls you get.

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Sun Cafe Proves BBQ Pork May Not Make Everything Better

I had occasion to go up by City Hall the other day and on a desolate stretch of Reade St. between Broadway & Church streets saw two Japanese restaurants essentially right next to each other. The lunch menu at Sun Cafe looked better so I went inside to eat. The place was packed and they put me at the table always reserved for the solo diner, right next to the bathroom. After looking over the lunch menu I was trying to decide between gyoza and roast pork when I spotted the house special udon soup ($8) which contained both of these items. How could anything with roast pork and gyoza be bad? Read more »