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Do You Love White Sauce? Pasha’s Might Just Be Your Favorite Cart

I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve walked by Pasha’s street meat cart in front of the Chase Manhattan Building on William St. (btw. Liberty & Cedar). In addition to the street meat, they also sell hamburgers and almost always have a special of curry chicken over rice on tap.

When a hankering for some street meat hit, I decided to finally fulfill my curiosity about how theirs stacks up, and find an interesting cooking method at play at Pasha’s. Let’s just say if you really like white sauce, this is your cart.

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Pasha’s Special Rice Platter

Months ago, one of my coworkers would not stop yapping about this street meat cart. It went missing for a few weeks and he maintained a strict schedule of lamentation every time lunch rolled around. “Oh how I wish the curry chicken cart was still here!” he’d moan. I found the prospect of a curry chicken cart rather dubious and told him as much. Maybe there was a cart that served chicken in something other than jerk or standard halal form up in Midtown, but certainly nothing like this existed in the Financial District. Did this keep him from his daily bitching? Hell no. I put up with that garbage for a month straight, and after that it was more a testament to my resolve not to seek out this curry cart (which had returned), just to spite him. Well, yesterday I broke down from my silent protest. I tracked down this curry cart to see if it was really worth all the anguish.

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