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Take Two Of Long Island Bagel Cafe: A Look At The Bagels In Sandwich Form

You may have read about the loaded knish I sampled at Long Island Bagel Cafe earlier in the week, but you may be wondering how their bagels are. I was too, so while I was there I also got a bagel sandwich since a salad or soup was unappealing. Like Leo’s Bagels or Zucker’s over in Tribeca, they make their own bagels in many varieties and offer all of the smoked fish and such that go along with them. I opted to go for a more traditional sandwich to offset the knish gutbomb.

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First Look: Long Island Bagel Cafe’s Loaded Knish Is A Nap Waiting To Happen

Do you ever take a look at your lunch and wish you would have bought a coffee to go along with it? That was the feeling I had after unwrapping the loaded knish I got during the first day of business at Long Island Bagel Cafe on Fulton St. (btw. Nassau & William). They were still training staff so they were giving 50% off your order. I took this as an opportunity to double dip and get both a bagel sandwich (for a later review), and to find out what was up with the loaded knish section of the menu. Basically, I ordered a handheld nap.

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Long Island Bagel Sets Tentative Opening Date

I’m not sure how many of you are in the camp that loves sandwiches on bagels, but Long Island Bagel Cafe which is coming to Fulton St. between Nassau & William has announced an approximate opening date. The paper’s been down from the windows, and people have been working inside which makes it look open, but you would be wrong. There is a sign propped up on the door saying that they hope to open around Jan. 14, so prepare yourself for whatever a “loaded knish” is.

Long Island Bagel Signage Up On Fulton

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Those of you who like your breakfast (or lunch) to be composed of carbs will be interested in knowing that Long Island Bagel Cafe on Fulton St. (btw. Nassau & William) has put up signage and looks somewhat close to opening. I’m going to say this is more exciting than the Au Bon Pain going in a couple of blocks away because the bagels and other baked goods can’t be as bad as what’s found at that chain, although I’m more pumped for Baba Ghanouge to open its doors.

Fulton St.’s Getting A Bagel Shop, But It’s Not H&H

While walking up Fulton St. yesterday I spotted signage up in the window of what was the Europan Cafe (which was open for what seemed like one month) and it dispelled the rumors that it would be the new location of H&H Bagels. Yes, there will be bagels, but from a chainlet called Long Island Bagel Cafe which apparently has nine locations scattered across Long Island. The menu posted on their Web site tells of the predictable sandwiches, wraps, salads and breakfast items, so basically it’s another generic deli with good bagels.