First Look: Long Island Bagel Cafe’s Loaded Knish Is A Nap Waiting To Happen

Do you ever take a look at your lunch and wish you would have bought a coffee to go along with it? That was the feeling I had after unwrapping the loaded knish I got during the first day of business at Long Island Bagel Cafe on Fulton St. (btw. Nassau & William). They were still training staff so they were giving 50% off your order. I took this as an opportunity to double dip and get both a bagel sandwich (for a later review), and to find out what was up with the loaded knish section of the menu. Basically, I ordered a handheld nap.

There are five preset loaded knishes on the menu for $9, or you can build your own from a specialty round knish or square potato variety with your choice of meat, cheese and topping. I was lazy so I went with the fresh sliced pastrami with sauerkraut, deli mustard and swiss that’s then pressed between a potato knish that’s been split in half. The top part had the potato and the bottom the sauerkraut, mustard and cheese. I would maybe recommend splitting this with someone else and getting soup or something less greasy on the side. Or eat a whole one and be set for the day!

There are lighter versions than the pastrami variety, with grilled vegetables, turkey or roast beef in case you don’t want a heart attack with your lunch. I’ve got to say I did enjoy the thinly sliced pastrami – especially that parts that had been crisped by the sandwich press.

My only other tip: Be prepared with napkins.

Long Island Bagel Cafe, 125 Fulton St., (btw. Nassau & William), (212) 619-0300


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