First Look: Dough Re Mi Brings Every Kind Of Grilled Cheese You Can Imagine

Do you like fancy grilled cheese sandwiches? Too tired of waiting for Gorilla Cheese or Milk Truck to make their stops in the Financial District?

Dough Re Mi, which opened last week on Water St. (btw. Broad & Coenties Slip), will make your cheese and bread dreams come true. The only thing that may give you pause, as it sometimes does at the trucks devoted to grilled cheese, is that you can spend $10 on a single small sandwich. 

There are several sandwiches between $8 and $10 that contain meat and other fancy ingredients. However, I was not feeling fancy, and went for a sandwich with gruyere on sourdough ($6.95). Yes, there are add ons you can do (meats, vegetables) for an extra charge, but again, not feeling fancy.

I was given a normal size takeout box and was thinking “Finally! A giant grilled cheese for $7!” Nope, this thing filled up half of the box at best. There was a healthy amount of cheese and butter happening, but I would have liked a bit more toasting on the bread.

The cheese was gooey and I had to wait a minute to take a bite so I didn’t singe my mouth on dairy lava. It was buttery and cheesy – everything you love in a grilled cheese – but again, I could have used a little more crust on the bread.

This was one of Dough Re Mi’s first days of operation, so I can’t nitpick much. I was sad that there were no more doughnuts on offer (that I saw anyway), although there was a full array of bagels. They also offer cheesy breakfast sandwiches, oatmeal and other items. Next time, I’m going early for something sweet.

Dough Re Mi, 36 Water St. (btw. Broad & Coenties Slip), (212) 947-4400



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