Gangnam Style Cart Offers Korean Meats At Halal Prices

I wasn’t sure what to think when I got an e-mail from Luncher Rajeev a few weeks ago telling of a new cart called Gangnam Style on Chambers St. (btw. Greenwich & West). I figured it was some young upstarts looking to capitalize on the popularity of a song that will not be mentioned here for fear of it being stuck in all our heads for two hours. It is the second  Korean food option in Downtown Lunch boundaries named for that song.

It turns out a name can be deceiving, and Gangnam Style is not an annoying marketing tool for mediocre food, but churning out some great Korean meats served by a nice couple, at prices that are hard to beat. 

The menu is awesomely straightforward: Marinated pork ($6), chicken ($5) or bolgogi ($7), spicy or not. There is no sandwich option, only over rice alongside a pile of iceberg lettuce doused with dressing.

Because I’d just eaten a pork sandwich the previous day, I went with the most expensive – beef, spicy. The meats were silently cooked by a woman on the flat top, while the man efficiently took orders and doled out food and change. I’m guessing they’re husband and wife.

I had my doubts about how good my sliced ribeye could be for $7, but man was it tasty. It had been marinated and was super tender, and was doused with a sweet sauce after being put in the container, along with some hot sauce upon request. The meat was the star of the show here, as the rice was weirdly pilaf-style instead of the sticky white variety normally found with Korean food.

If you’re looking for a good change of pace from the many street meat carts nearby, walk the extra block and check out Gangnam Style.

Gangnam Style Cart, Chambers St. between Greenwich & West streets


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  • You found it! This was up on 33rd and madison for a few weeks earlier in the year. IT was good. I was pissed it disappeared!

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