First Look: Terri’s Faux Meat Sandwiches Aren’t All Bad

Quick service vegetarian restaurants seem to go one of two ways selling falafel or sandwiches and wraps stuffed with roughage and fake meats. Terri on Pearl St. (at Maiden Lane) took the latter route with its vegan and kosher menu, also offering juices and baked goods. I’m all for these places if the food is good and not overpriced as it so often is. One good example, and a similar concept to Terri, is ‘sNice which has an outpost in Soho. I’d had a pretty good meatless Thanksgiving sandwich there, and I was curious how the version at Terri was despite my slight aversion to Tofurkey. 

All of the sandwiches and wraps are $8.05 and a majority of them use fake meats or tofu to fill you up, although there are a few that are strictly vegetables. You can also get salads, soup, a few sides and desserts, all of them shockingly not overpriced.

The sandwiches seem to be geared toward people who don’t want to eat animal products for whatever reason, but also don’t want to be hungry five minutes after eating lunch. Among the options are buffalo “chicken,” bacon cheddar “chicken”ranch, a meatball sub and one featuring portobello mushrooms and pesto. All of the meats and cheeses are fake and they use vegenaise in place of mayo.

My sandwich was hefty and contained many slices of Tofurkey, a swipe of cranberry sauce on the upper piece of bread and another of vegenaise on the lower, along with chopped raw walnuts and sliced celery. If you do not like fake meat products, this may not be the sandwich for you as there’s nothing to really mask the presence of Tofurkey.

I liked the sandwich and it filled me up (that bread is pretty dense), but I kind of wished for some form of stuffing or gravy to round out the savory flavor. The vegenaise was fine, but did nothing much but add lubrication, although I did like the sweetness of the cranberry sauce and the crunch from the celery and walnuts.

The meatball sub seemed to be a popular choice judging by the number of orders yelled out while I was waiting for my sandwich. If you’re vegetarian or vegan (or not), this is a nice change of pace from Subway or even Hale & Hearty across the street.

Terri, 100 Maiden Lane (entrance on Pearl btw. Maiden & Pine), (212) 742-7901



  • I stopped by Terri last week around dinner time after seeing that they opened in an earlier post. i got the portobello mushroom and pesto sandwich but over a bed of spinach, not on bread. the mushrooms were full of flavor, but i didn’t care much for the pesto spread that i got on the side. i don’t think i’d order it again. =\

    my friend who got the buffalo chick’n wrap thought it was great, however, so perhaps that one is a better option.

    i was pretty psyched about the free samples though – i’m not sure if they are still doing this, but when I went last, they had small peanut butter cookie and chocolate brownie samples available. both were seriously good. as someone who doesn’t like peanut butter… i was a hug fan of the cookie, and that is saying something.

    i also got to sample the meatballs, which were pretty good – i’m not surprised that the meatball sub is a popular choice. flavorful, good texture.

  • I’ve generally liked the two sandwiches I’ve gotten from Terri. At this point, however, I’d like an alternative to the panini approach. Some of those sandwiches would taste better on a baguette, on a seeded roll or on some well-baked grainy bread. Nevertheless, Terri is a welcome addition to the FiDi line-up, particularly for those of us who don’t eat meat.

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