‘sNice’s Thanksgiving Leftovers Sandwich Has A Secret

There are a handful of places downtown that offer Thanksgiving sandwiches year-round but some of them are more than $10 (yes, really) or others I shun because they throw it all in a wrap instead of between slices of bread. Last year I found a good specimen and this year I decided to branch out and try the Thanksgiving Leftovers sandwich at ‘sNice on Sullivan St. (btw. Prince & W. Houston). The difference between this and most other turkey/cranberry/stuffing sandwiches out there is that this one’s not just vegetarian, but vegan.

When I stepped into ‘sNice I felt like I’d been transported to Williamsburg instead of Soho partly because of the people working there, and partly because of its full-on vegan menu. It’s also surprisingly spacious for the neighborhood, with plenty of seating. They have salads and sandwiches, all of them $8.75 (including tax) and a whole bunch of vegan baked goods. If they would have had vegan pie I may have rounded out the meal with a slice.

The Thanksgiving Leftovers sandwich has no ingredients listed so I’m guessing they may change depending on what’s available or almost past its prime in the refrigerator. Mine had a bunch of roasted sweet potato and  brussels sprouts, cranberry sauce and a thin layer of Tofurky nestled up against the toasted bread. I wasn’t sure what I thought about the Tofurky but I’m sure I’ve eaten much dodgier things for lunch than fake cold cuts.

You know what? This sandwich was actually pretty great! It was a nice size, the bread was good and I liked that taste of fake turkey was mostly masked by the large amounts of brussels sprouts and sweet potato. I could have used a little vegan gravy or something salty but otherwise this was a tasty and filling sandwich. It’s not enough to convince me to go meatless on Thanksgiving, but it shows me that I wouldn’t die if I had to.

‘sNice, 150 Sullivan St. (btw. Prince & Houston), (212) 253-5405



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