Spicy Buradi Rolls From Biryani House Cart Live Up To Their Name

Do you ever get hit with a craving for something really specific at lunch? This happens to me on occasion, and the other day my want was for kati rolls. While I could have gone for one of my favorites at Bombay’s, I instead stopped by the NY Express Biryani cart at William & John St., only to be told they were out of kati rolls for some reason. Undeterred, I headed across the street to standby Biryani House cart and ordered up one of their other rolls – the spicy buradi with chicken.

Unless you’re a sucker for street meat lamb gyro, go for the chicken at the Biryani House cart. It has great seasoning and isn’t dry at all, especially when tucked into a paratha that’s been placed on the griddle with the meat.

You get two rolls for $6, and although I’m honestly not sure what the difference between the regular kati roll and the spicy buradi is, there was some definite heat going on inside with red & green hot sauce and white sauces intermingling with the chicken, some lettuce and onion. The chicken itself was only moderately spicy, and the level of heat was by no means unreasonable. I guess the spicy buradi roll is their kati roll with two kinds of hot sauce. Whatever it is, the mix of hot sauces with the seasoning the chicken makes for a tasty lunch.

Biryani House Cart, Liberty St. at Broadway; William St. btw. Maiden Lane & John St.



  • Ooh looks solid! Have you tried Blue Spoon (right there) for lunch yet? Been curious, but it’s a bit out of walking range in the winter..

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      I’ve had a sandwich and some coffee from Blue Spoon and both were solid. They also have some pretty great looking breakfast pastries.

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