An Interesting Take On Chicken Over Rice At The Wall St. Cart

It’s been a while since we checked out a street meat cart that hasn’t already been written about on this site, so earlier this week I took walk over to the Wall St. Food Cart that’s always sitting in the middle of food trucks at the corner of Front St. & Wall. The cart has a few oddities on its menu (a ham & cheese sandwich, a BLT, spaghetti!) meaning it’s not exactly a halal cart, although I’m not sure whether they actually serve these things. I was here for the chicken and lamb over rice combo ($6) and while one of the meats was a disappointment they’re doing a lot of things right.

First, you’ll probably want to know that the chicken is white meat chicken breast. If that’s a deal breaker for you, just stop reading now. The good news is they managed to cook it so the meat was juicy and flavorful thanks to visible flecks of black pepper and probably no small amount of oil on the flat top.  The lamb, on the other hand, wasn’t the best version I’ve had by a long shot. If you like a little crispiness to your sketchy gyro meat, there was none to be found here but perhaps it was because I was there just after noon and it hadn’t had time to properly cook up. Regardless, I’d order the chicken again but not the lamb.

Perhaps the best part of the whole lunch was the rice. The woman working the window scooped it out of a big electric pot and it was seasoned so it tasted a bit like biryani rice but wasn’t. Also, while the white sauce was decent, the hot sauce was thin like Tabasco and I couldn’t taste it at all even though she squirted quite a lot on.

If I were to eat here again, my order would be chicken over rice. Or maybe I’ll try to order that BLT and see what happens.

Wall St. Food Cart, corner of Front & Wall streets


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