Sophie’s Combo Deals Only Exist At One Downtown Location

Tip of the hat to Lunch’er Justin who wrote in to tell us that the location of Sophie’s Cuban on New St. in the Financial District no longer had its under $10 sandwich combo that included a sandwich, side and soda, and now if you order all of those things it will run roughly $14. Well what about the other two downtown locations on Chambers St. and Fulton St.? You probably won’t be happy to hear that only one of those three locations will still hook you up with this deal.

While I didn’t have time to physically go to all three locations, I did some investigation into this combo disappearance through the online ordering system on the Sophie’s Web site. And yes, the stores at New St. and the one on Chambers St. simply have the regular sandwiches, sides, plates and daily specials listed while the one on Fulton St. still lists the combos. Also, as you can see from the above photo, the combo sign is still in the window at the Fulton St. stores.

It’s a bummer that they took the combos away because now you either have to get a sandwich with no side or pick and choose one of the steam table dishes to stay below the $10 mark (oxtail and seafood are off limits!). It will be a sad day when Sophie’s is no longer a Downtown/Midtown Lunch.


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    The New Street location raised prices by $1 pretty much across the board. Most, if not all, of the platters with two sides will cost you more than $10 now after tax.

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