Don’t Overlook The Fish Over Rice At The Biryani House Carts

With a broad menu that includes biryani and kati rolls along with some pretty amazing chicken over rice, it’s easy to skim over the rest of what the two Biryani House carts have to offer. The menu lists both fish and shrimp plates, although I was a little skeptical that they actually served these dishes since most people seem to stick to the Indian fare here. I decided to try my luck at the cart on Liberty St. (nr. Broadway), and lo and behold the tilapia over rice plate actually exists! But it is worth ordering over other things on the menu?

The menu says the seafood over rice dishes are $7, but I was charged $6 for the tilapia, perhaps because it’s cheaper than salmon or shrimp? It’s hard to tell from the photo, but there were two large pieces of fish hidden under the kalaidescope of sauces I chose. A word to the wise: Do not order both the red and green sauces from this cart. I learned the hard way that the green sauce is actually spicier than the hot sauce and together they were wicked. That being said, the fish had been nicely fried on the flattop in the cart and was crispy on the outside. It had been topped with some cooked vegetables of the green bean, corn, carrot and onion variety, and they were nicely seasoned. The same could not be said for the somewhat dry pulao rice underneath, but that was probably my fault for not mixing the whole thing together.

While the $5.50 Lunch Truck over on Ann St. & Nassau still is my top source of fish over rice, if I’m feeling lazy it’s nice to know that the Biryani House’s version is pretty good as well.

Biryani House carts, Liberty St. (nr. Broadway) and William St. (btw. Maiden Lane & John)


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