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Two Years In, Baoguette’s Catfish Banh Mi Is Still My Go-To Lunch

This week marks two years since I’ve started writing¬† for you fine people on Midtown Lunch: Downtown and I thought it might be fun to tell you about some non-review lunches that I’ve eaten on a regular basis since I started working in the Financial District but haven’t ever written about. I’m saving my most shameful guilty pleasure lunch for the end of the week, but today you get the lunch that I’ve probably eaten the most when I’m crunched for time or can’t think of anything else imaginative to stuff in my face. That would be the catfish banh mi from Baoguette, extra spicy.

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Cinnamon Snail’s Back Downtown: Tribeca Taco is taking the day off, according to the ML Downtown Twitter Tracker, but what we do have are Schnitzel & Things, Crisp and Sweetery at Hudson & King, Valducci's at Church & Walker and Gorilla Cheese, Kimchi Tacos, Mexicue, Red Hook Lobster and Taim at the WFC lot. Also, Cinnamon Snail's at Wall & Water, Comme Ci Comme Ca's at Old Slip & Water, Fun Buns cart's at Water & Maiden and Calexico's out at Prince & Wooster with homemade chorizo.

Cafe 41 Rolls Out $1 Slices

Cafe 41 opened in the old Patuca space on John St. (nr. Nassau) and offers most of the same generic deli fare that every other place in the Financial District does. They’re now trying to win our hearts with $1 plain slices, unless you’d rather go for a wrap or some pasta.

Downtown Links (The “FiDi Food Truck Parking Nightmare” Edition)

This Palermo slice is lighter than it looks. Courtesy of SENY.

  • The Spring edition of Real Cheap Eats is a Chinatown roundup. [RCE]
  • Famous Ben’s and Dominique Ansel are prime tourist stops. [SENY]
  • The slices at Prince St. Pizza inspire overeating. [Lunch Studio]
  • Are these the Top 10 eating options in lowest Manhattan? [FitR]

Tacos Are All Over The Twitter Tracker: Today we have Fun Buns at Water & Maiden Ln., Mike N Willie's at Front & Wall, Bongo Brothers is at Varick & Charlton, Milk Truck's at Wall & Hanover, Korilla's at Front & Gouverneur and Domo Taco's at Broad & Water. The ML Downtown Twitter Tracker also has Treats Truck, Big D's Grub, Frites N Meats, Rickshaw and Schnitzel & Things are at the WFC lot.

Have Any Of You Tried The Ambizza Cafe Truck?

I’ve walked by the Ambizza Cafe Truck that’s been parked at Old Slip & Water, but haven’t had the chance to try it. There was a substantial line there yesterday and a glance at the menu shows they do meat kebabs and “the city’s best kofta” as well as a lamb burger & fries for a cheap price. Has anyone tried food from this truck? I might have to check it out, simply because I don’t want to miss out on the best kofta this city has to offer.

And….No Chinese Mirch Yet Again: A look at the ML Downtown Twitter Tracker shows Chinese Mirch is planning to park near Wall & Water since every cart known to man is downtown, no Chinese Mirch for us today, but Fun Buns cart is back at Water & Pine, Bongo Brothers is at Old Slip & Water, Mexicue's at Water & Broad, Our Heros is at Wall & Water, Sweetery's at Hudson & King, Rickshaw's at Hudson & Houston and Phil's Steaks is at Water & John. The WFC lot has Milk Truck, Red Hook Lobster, Andy's Italian Ice and Taim.