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Phil’s Steaks Is Back, And This Time The Weather’s Cooperating: It's pretty much the perfect day to stand in line at a food truck or cart, and the ML Downtown Twitter Tracker says Frying Dutchmen's at Varick & King, Rickshaw's at Hudson & Houston, Phil's Steaks is at Water & John, and Our Heros is at Wall & William with pork cutlets. Kimchi Tacos is at Hudson & Charlton, Sweetery's at Hudson & King, Mike N Willie's is at Church & Lispenard, Bongo Brothers is at Old Slip & Water and Mexicue is at Water & Broad.  The WFC lot has Frites N Meats, Red Hook Lobster, Taim Mobile and Milk Truck.

Di Palo’s $6 Porchetta Sandwich Is A Thing Of Beauty

di palo inside

I’d been aware that Di Palo’s Fine Foods on Grand St. in Little Italy sold porchetta, but it wasn’t until I happened to stop in that I learned the exciting information that they will make it into a sandwich for you. The place primarily traffics in Italian meats and cheeses with a sideline in prepared foods, pasta and other imported goods. The day I was there they hadn’t made the porchetta because of something about a meat shipment, but I was informed by the nice guy working the counter that they would not only have it the next day but he would make me a sandwich out of it. The next day come lunch time, I was on my way there faster than you can say “pork sandwich.”

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Plenty Of Meatless Options On This Ash Wednesday: According to the ML Downtown Twitter Tracker, we have Rickshaw Dumplings and Wafels & Dinges on Wall St., Frites N Meats,  Big D's Grub and Sweetery are at Hudson & King, Our Heros is at Wall & Water with a tilapia sandwich, Milk Truck's at Varick & King, Bongo Brothers is at Old Slip & Water with $2 empanadas, both Calexico carts are out in Soho, and Korilla's at Front & Gouverneur. The WFC lot has newbie Mexico Blvd., Mike N Willie's, Rickshaw and Valducci's.

Food To Eat Launch Means Free Food: To celebrate its launch, Food to Eat (kind of like a Seamless Web that includes food trucks) has partnered with some places downtown today to bring us freebies. You can get a side of fries at Big D's Grub or zeppoles at Valducci's, and at brick and mortars there's a can of soda at Oliva Gourmet on Broadway btw. Vesey & Barclay or alfajores at Ruben's Empanadas (Multiple Locations). You have to actually sign up for and order with the service to get the free food, so I guess it depends on how cheap you're feeling today.

Go For The Steam Table, Not The Lunch Box At Budtharasa

It’s always frustrating when a craving for Thai food hits me because as most of you know our options for that cuisine are mediocre in the Financial District. Bennie’s Thai Cafe is the best of the few options we have, although there was one I had yet to try because it’s off the beaten path and I tend to forget about it. That would be Budtharasa (also known as Bunrasa) on Washington St. (btw. Carlisle & Rector) over in the weird area of Irish bars, tourists and fancy hotels below the World Trade Center site.

Chris had christened it his go-to Thai spot in the FiDi after he had the chicken curry back in 2009. Since then, the scaffolding covering the front has come down and they have a lunch box for $8 that I thought was my ticket to checking this place out.

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SoHo Park Is Like An Alterna-Shake Shack

If you’ve been in the prime shopping area of Soho, you’ve probably walked past SoHo Park without even noticing it (or stopped at Hampton Chutney Co. before getting to it). It’s on Prince St. (at Lafayette) and is one of the cheaper lunch spots you’re going to find in the neighborhood, especially if you want a burger. It just so happened that all last week I was intensely craving a burger and fries, but I felt like this site has reviewed many of the options that are $10 or less, of which there aren’t that many. I thought about heading for Brinkley’s for the massive $14 burger that Serious Eats so loved, but instead decided SoHo Park was more in the ML budget and deserving of a look.

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Happy Fat Tuesday!: I say we all have free rein to eat a fatty lunch today right? To help us with that, Coolhaus, Bongo Brothers, Frites N Meats and Eddie's Pizza are at the WFC food truck lot, according to the ML Downtown Twitter Tracker. Elsewhere, Our Heros is at Wall & Water, Gorilla Cheese is at Hudson & King, Mike N Willie's is at Front & Wall, Milk Truck's at Wall & William, Big D's is at Hanover Sq., Schnitzel & Things is at Water & Broad, Rickshaw Dumplings is at Hudson & Houston and Taim Mobile's at Varick & King.