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Downtown Links (The “Earthquakes & Hurricanes” Edition)

Does this come from the best pork chop house? Courtesy of Bionic Bites.

  • Socarrat is opening a sandwich/pastry shop next door. [Metromix]
  • Horribly-named Kool Bloo is opening an outpost serving dinerish food. [Tribeca Citizen]
  • A place serving Mexican Japanese food with a conveyer belt’s coming to Soho. Seriously. [Grub St.]
  • Peach tarts can be lunch, right? [Lunch Studio]
  • A bit more info on Torissi‘s sandwich spin-off, Parm. [Time Out NY]

Choices For Your Pre-Hurricane Lunch: On today's ML Downtown Twitter Tracker there's Eddie's Pizza on Hudson which also has a cart on Greenwich & Murray, the newish Wall St. Burgers truck is on Varick and Frites N Meats is on Water with its alcoholic Kobe burger. Souvlaki GR is at Old Slip until 2:30.

Pret In Tribeca Opens With Free Food

Here’s a nice end to your week in lunches: Pret A Manger is having a grand opening at its store on Church St. (at Park Pl.) today and according to Tribeca Citizen is giving away free sandwiches (although there’s no specification on what kind or whether you can shove more than one into your purse). It all goes down starting at noon, so plan accordingly.

Soho Calexico Cart Got In A Wreck: Bad news on the  ML Downtown Twitter Tracker today: Calexico's cart normally at Prince & Wooster was in an accident and is completely wrecked so you'll have to get your Mexican fix elsewhere for a while. Sweetery and Kimchi Taco are on Hudson, Frying Dutchmen is at Varick and Mexicue will be at a TBD location in the FiDi. Also, note that Souvlaki GR is not in the FiDi today.

Biryani From Desi Food Cart Is More Like Another Street Meat Standby

There’s an otherwise nondescript street meat cart on Gouverneur Lane (at Water) called Desi Food that has all manner of fish specialties posted on the front. The couple of times I’ve stopped by, they never have these things but what they do have every day is chicken biryani and since it’s been awhile since I’ve eaten a version from a cart I figured it was worth a shot since the $6 price tag wasn’t exactly going to break the bank.

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Deals On Nixtamalito, Bun Soho: Cheap taco alert! If you like the Nixtamalito kiosk next to 1 Centre St., you might want to check out today's InBundles deal that gets you guacamole, nachos or a salad plus three tacos for $8. There's also an offer out there to pay $10 for $20 worth of food at Bun Soho on Grand St.

Half Off At Atomic Wings: There's a deal today for half off at Atomic Wings, including the location on Broadway btw. Duane & Worth streets. You pay $5 for $10 worth of food and can get it by going here.