Moshe’s Falafel Gets Comfortable In The FiDi, Much To Nearby Cart Owner’s Dismay

Those of you who work way down in the Financial District often complain that your eating options aren’t that great, but to that I say, have you noticed how many trucks park down there these days? On a recent day, within a two-block radius there was the Cevap Truck, Souvlaki GR, Big D’s Grub and a frozen yogurt truck. I was trying to decide which to eat at and then spotted Moshe’s Falafel which showed up downtown a couple of weeks ago after disappearing from midtown, and hasn’t looked back. A guy working at the truck told me they’re parked in that spot at Hanover Sq. & Water every Friday, but it seems like they’re there every day.

In addition to falafel sandwiches and platters Moshe’s has waffles, cheese blintzes, french fries and a few other things. I opted for the platter ($7.50) which is slightly more expensive than somewhere like Alan’s or Sam’s.

For the “platter” you get five falafel on top of some salad with tomatoes, green olives, some cooked eggplant (my favorite part) and red onion. On the side you get a pita and some hot sauce and yogurt sauce. So it’s like a falafel salad, and maybe not as filling as the over rice options you normally see.

The falafel are pale but really good. There’s no crazy seasoning here, just straightforward fried chickpeas.This would be a good summer lunch option, and you can pretend that the lunch is healthy since something fried is paired with something green.

If you work near here and are looking for a good falafel lunch (that’s also kosher), it’s a good option although I suppose many would complain that it’s more expensive than the carts nearby. On that note, the best part of this lunch was when a man walked up and told me that the falafel from his cart was better (which happened to be just across the street from Moshe’s). It made me think that these veteran cart operators near Hanover Sq./Old Slip are probably none too pleased to have all of these trucks descending on their area every day. So, I guess if you’re looking for some good old-school falafel, check out Adel’s Alan’s Halal cart on the southwest corner of Old Slip and Water.

Moshe’s Falafel Truck, NW corner of Hanover Sq. & Water



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