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Downtown Links (The “Signing Off Until 2011″ Edition)

Somewhere, a fish wants its skin back. Courtesy of Bionic Bites.

Things We Need In NYC: Culver’s And Its Delicious Butterburgers

I have been blogging from my hometown of Mitchell, South Dakota this week, and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to sample Culver’s, one of the Midwestern chains represented here. It’s based in Wisconsin and its specialties are butterburgers and frozen custard. As I will never pass up the opportunity to eat new, gross lunches I went to check it out. Read more »

Sweetery Hitting Soho, Taim Farther South: It's a little light on the ML Downtown Twitter Tracker this morning...Sweetery will be on Hudson and you can catch Taim at Hanover Square.

Rotisserie Chicken at Cafe Gusto: Was That What I Even Ate?

I’m always in search of good ideas for lunch in the Financial District, and thankful when I get one that I never would have thought of. Profiled lunch’er John had recommended the rotisserie chicken at Cafe Gusto on John St. (btw. Pearl & Cliff), saying it was better than the product around the corner at Backyard Chicken. I haven’t been that impressed by the offerings at that hole in the wall place, so I figured, why not head to a generic deli I would never had stepped foot in otherwise? Read more »

Burgers, Korilla Has Freebies In The FiDi: Today it's the FiDi getting some food truck action, according to the ML Downtown Twitter Tracker...Korilla is at Old Slip with free soup and Korean firecrackers, Frites N Meats is on Water.

Will Two New Stores On Maiden Lane Ever Open?

A lot of you have probably been wondering like I have what the heck is going on with the Hello Pasta and Hot Clay Oven projects on the lower part of Maiden Lane. One is showing decidedly more progress than the other, so I figured it was time to check in on their progress. Sure, we just got Toloache Taqueria in record time, but it might be nice to have some pasta and Indian fusion thrown into the line up. Check out the potential opening dates after the jump. Read more »

Taim, Calexico Cart Brisket In Soho: Soho is again the place to be for trucks according to the ML Downtown Twitter Tracker...Taim is on Hudson and Rickshaw is nearly out of bounds on Houston. And the Calexico cart has beef brisket in winter mole!?!