Will Two New Stores On Maiden Lane Ever Open?

A lot of you have probably been wondering like I have what the heck is going on with the Hello Pasta and Hot Clay Oven projects on the lower part of Maiden Lane. One is showing decidedly more progress than the other, so I figured it was time to check in on their progress. Sure, we just got Toloache Taqueria in record time, but it might be nice to have some pasta and Indian fusion thrown into the line up. Check out the potential opening dates after the jump.

There is decidedly more concrete news on Hello Pasta on Maiden & Water. According to their Web site, the store will open on Jan. 4 at 11 a.m., with the first 25 customers snagging free pasta.

When last I checked in with the owner of Hot Clay Oven, the opening date had been forecast as Dec. 8. When I walked by and snapped the above picture last week, some of the paper had been taken down from the windows and it looked like the inside was nearly done, with menu boards up on the wall. At this rate, we may see a double dose of openings after the New Year. I’ll update this if a solid opening date materializes.

Hot Clay Oven, 101 Maiden Lane (at Pearl), (917) 750- 0250

Hello Pasta, 125 Maiden Lane (at Water)


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    Hello Pasta is for sure opening on the 4th and get this (and it has been verified by a highly reliable source)

    FREE PASTA to the first 25 customers before 12
    50% OFF to all customers before 12:30pm
    Buy-One Get one Free from 5:30pm to 10:00pm

    how’s that for a marketing plan…….

    Can’t wait!!!!

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