Five Guys On Its Game For Opening Week

The first Five Guys in the Financial District opened last weekend, and I went to check it out on the first day they were inundated with office workers. Also, I must confess that I have never eaten at Five Guys before (I know, I know) so I was really excited to see what all the hype was about. And really, who even needs an excuse to eat a burger and fries for lunch?

I was there during prime lunch time at about 1 p.m. and while there was no line out the door, there was an orderly group of people snaking through the ordering and pick up points. The only times this process got gummed up was when someone became oblivious to the fact that there was a backlog of people behind them and a counter person had to yell at everyone to move down.

I would say I had my food in hand within five minutes of ordering, and no wonder with the number of people manning the various grills and fryers. There was a lot of shouting going on back there, but it provided a little pre-lunch entertainment.

Since I’m on a new plan to not slowly kill myself by eating things like this, and this, and this, I went for a “little hamburger” ($4.79) and a regular order of fries ($3.29). My inner fattie just wasn’t speaking up that day, I guess.

For toppings on my very first Five Guys burger, I went with grilled onions, jalapeno peppers and BBQ sauce, and that turned out to be a very wise decision. Maybe it was just because I was starving, but this was the best burger I’ve had in a while, fast food or not. And it beat out my previous favorite fast food burger downtown from Checkers. A lot of the onions fell off, but they weren’t stingy with the jalapenos and they were nice and crunchy. The BBQ sauce was good and I was glad they didn’t overdo it.

I definitely did not finish the whole order of fries, but I really had to stop myself from eating all of them and then wanting to crawl under my desk later for a nap. They were really tasty, although I agree that they could have been a little crispier.

All in all, it’s pretty dangerous having a Five Guys near my place of work now that I know how delicious it is.

Five Guys, 112 Fulton St. (at Dutch), (212) 385-4458



  • Wow… so that’s what a little burger looks like huh… didn’t know they really existed

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    I got a large order of fries (to split) and they didn’t top the bag. Do they only do that with the reg fries, or is the downtown location not up to speed yet? I’d say the large fries came out to about the same amount i’d get for reg fries in midtown.

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