Early Look At The New FiDi Five Guys

Five Guys Opening Day Shot 1 resize

The first Five Guys on Fulton St. (at Dutch) opened over the weekend, and lunch’er Melanie snapped the above photo and wrote in to say they seem to be ready for “real” lunch today when it’s sure to be swamped. Click through to see what she and another early adopter had to say.

I just had lunch at the new Five Guys on Fulton.  Overall, they really seem to have it together.  It was busy, but did not have the long lines out the door or long waits for food.  I did mention to the manager that the fries could stand to be a little crispier since the ones we had were droopy and not at all crispy.  He thanked me for the feedback.  What I really liked was the partitions which you can see in the picture, which separated where you stand to order from where you stand to wait for your number to be called.
Overall a needed addition to the neighborhood made even better by the fact that they will be open on the weekends for those of us who live in this area.
Lunch’er opchee also weighed in to say that the bacon cheeseburger they tried Saturday was spot on.
No line.  Got my burger in 2-3 mins.  It was my first time at a Five Guys, and haven’t had In n Out so can’t compare…Upon biting into it, I thought “Umm Hmmm, this IS a tasty burger.”  The bacon was thick cut, and actually crispy and crunchy!!!  That scored major points in my books.  I also appreciate how they put the bacon and onions UNDER the burger patties.  Washed that 1,000 calorie mother down with an IPA.  AHHhhh…that hit the spot.

I’ll be heading over for lunch to see how epic the line is today, and of course, to do a little hamburger and fry-related research. Weigh in if you checked it out today.


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