Opening Date Firms For New Five Guys, Bread Factory Cafe To Open

There’s no signage yet, but the opening of the new Five Guys on Fulton St. (at Dutch) is nearing with plywood going up over the last couple of weeks. A rep from Five Guys says it’s expected to openĀ on July 31 which is somewhat weirdly on a Saturday. So there’s only a few more weeks to go until you can pile the free toppings on your burger and eat a heaping helping of cajun fries. Also, according to Zach is the closest thing you can get to In N Out Burger in NYC.

Also opening on Fulton (btw. Nassau & Dutch) is something a little less exciting, which is a downtown location of the Bread Factory Cafe chain. This one’s been under construction for a while, just like the street in front of it, and there’s no word on the opening date. It’s on the ground floor of the Papaya Spa, which seems just about right. I’ve walked by the two midtown locations and they don’t look much better than a Europa Cafe or generic deli, but hey, maybe I’m wrong. There’s no word on the opening date.



  • Zach is right – it is the closest burger to the gloriously built In N Out Burger. Glad I don’t have to go to Hoboken everytime I have a craving now…

  • This burger is soo greasy but satisfying and full of topping possibilities! I’m excited and scared for this opening.

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    not for nothing but all the restaurants you guys talk about not being all that they try very hard to make it work. I’m not one of the owners of a restaurant but have worked in many and to be frank humans are not the most pleasant creatures on this planet i would love to see the people writing these ads to open a place and be good at it and one more thing would love the city to get rid of all the food trucks in NYC they are the WORST the dirtiest of all please don’t take it the wrong way that’s my opinion than you

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