Grotto’s Pièce De Résistance: The Bacon Jalapeno Slice

The Grotto 002
Last time I talked about the Grotto, there was much hubbub over the elusive Bacon Jalapeno slice.  Was it really there? Or just a figment of my imagination?  Lucky for us, Mike, owner and operator of the Grotto, stepped in to inform us that it was real and that it was now available in slice form.  While I’m sure a good number of you dropped whatever you were doing and rushed over to the Grotto to grab a slice, not everyone downtown was so lucky.  After all, it’s a big chunk of Manhattan we work in and not everyone has the flexibility to saunter down   For those unfortunate souls, I’m here to give you the scoop. I know, I know, not exactly a fair trade but I’ll do what I can.  I know it ain’t cabbage and corned beef, but tormenting pictures of some delicious pizza after the jump…

The Grotto 015 (Small)
Those, my friends, are a couple slices of heaven. Allow me to introduce the Bacon Jalapeno and Lasagna slices from the Grotto pizzeria.
The Grotto 021
The bacon jalapeno completely lives up to my expectations of what a bacon jalapeno slice should be. Cheesy, spicy, and with lots of delicious bacon. The only thing this slice doesn’t do is sing and dance. I was blown away by how good the bacon is on this. I don’t know how they get it cooked so well! Seriously, I’ve been to brunch spots who can’t cook bacon like this.
The Grotto 022
The lasagna slice was slightly more disappointing, but in all fairness, I ate the bacon jalapeno slice first. The bar had been raised. The creamy, slightly peppery ricotta was generously portioned on the slice, though I fear perhaps too much so. The mantle of the whole thing was very limp, kinda like lasagna noodles. But while the texture and ease of eating might have been diminished, it wasn’t lacking in flavor. The meat balls stationed up and down the slice were really tasty and added a nice, salty opposition to the rest of the pie.

So, Downtowners, the moral of this story is, if you haven’t tried it yet, now’s the time to give the bacon jalapeno slice a shot. Seriously. Now. They open at 10:30.

The Grotto, 69 New Street, 212-809-6990 or 212-809-6991


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