Bacon Jalapeno Slice Available Today at The Grotto

In case you missed it, the owner of the Grotto pizzeria and restaurant responded to our readers and is making his bacon jalapeno pizza available in slice form today! Ask and you shall receive.



  • I went.. I saw… I ate… and it was goodness…

    that chicken parm slice is making me sleepy though…

  • I love it when this site does good in the world…

  • Hey guys thanks alot for stopping by.

    As far as our Bacon Jalapeno slice..we played around with the ingredients a little bit Yesturday…and have kicked it up a bit to add that good ol’ spicy kick to it. guy who is the blogger who stopped in with the camera..not sure which one your name is here but next time you stop by The slice is on us! :)

    Thanks alot everyone for your continuos responses.

    See you soon.
    Also any other requests please let us know.
    It would be our pleasure!

  • If there was one thing wrong with the Bacon Jalapeno slice I had yesterday, it was that there wasn’t enough spiciness to it, so I’m glad you’re playing with the ingredients. As for your offer for a free slice, I appreciate it but won’t be accepting. It’s just not how rolls. Besides, I’m happy to pay for a good slice of pizza with bacon on it any day. :-)

  • Yeah i hear you..well we definitely played with the slice and have come up with a great kick to stop on by whenever your in the area…

    Thanks alot.

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