A Hidden Bargain from Swich

As Zach pointed out to me, I’ve been on a bit of a hoity-toity binge lately. Pricey burgers, fancy cafes. I’m worried I’m going to start losing some Lunch’er cred soon. Fortunately, Chris has been keeping us on the right track with tasty pizza and cart food, and I promise to do some real bargain-hunting for next week.

In the meantime, though I returned to Swich the other day and found a cheap and wonderful surprise tucked away on the Sides section of their menu: For $2.50 you can get a heaping container of israeli couscous with herbs and cranberries. It’s not big enough to be lunch on its own, but it’s the perfect thing when that bacon-jalapeno slice doesn’t quite sate you.

This photo was taken after I’d already been eating at my couscous for a bit, and the perspective makes the container look smaller than it is. This was a generous side of couscous, though. Definitely more than I was expecting, especially with the tiny cup of edamame that comes with sandwiches.

As I’ve said before, I think Swich uses really good ingredients, and this is just another example. The whole thing was fresh and tasty, and I could feel like I was being healthy without paying $8 for a lame salad.  It’s a well-made dish, and for$2.50, I think there’ll be more of it in my future.


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