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Beat the Heat at Yogurt Culture Company: A First Look

Not sure if you’ve noticed, but it has been stinking hot lately. So hot, that I seriously have trouble getting my appetite up, which is quite rare. This weather makes me crave something cool, no… cold to eat. It reminds me the summer after my sophomore year in college when I worked at a park and lived in a camper with no A/C. As unhealthy as this may sound, it’s true: I “ate” nothing but milkshakes for dinner for three months because it was too hot to prepare or eat anything above freezing (and you might actually be surprised at how filling a tub of frozen cream can be).

When I heard that the Yogurt Culture Company had opened its doors, and they serve up frozen yogurt, I thought, “I’m gonna eat myself a jinormous frozen yogurt for lunch and nobody can stop me.” It’s not soda after all, it’s yogurt! And not just any yogurt, but a brand you’re probably familiar with. According to the New York Times Diner’s Journal, this place is the brainchild of Dannon.

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