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Uncle Vanya’s $8.99 Lunch Special is Perfect For a Rainy Day

As you probably know we’re always open to receiving lunch recs from you guys, and every once in awhile somebody goes the extra mile sending us a full write up of a place that has flown under the ML radar. This week Lunch’er Jen was kind enough to send this report on the $9 lunch special at Uncle Vanya’s.

I’m not an expert on Russian food. In fact, the last time I ate the cuisine was over 10 years ago. But it seems there aren’t many Russian cuisine choices under $10 in Midtown, and I found a place that looked like the real deal. Uncle Vanya Café (on 54th btw 8+9th) has a reasonably priced $8.99 lunch special, and I thought it would be a perfect place to check out since it’s never been mentioned on Midtown Lunch (save for this comment back in 2006.)

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