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Seamless Roulette Leads Me To Awesome Turkish Food at Turco

Turco Exterior

It’s easy to ignore Turco Mediterranean Grill (9th Ave between 43rd and 44th St). From the outside it looks like your run-of-the-mill falafel and kebab joint, which are fairly well represented throughout Hells Kitchen. Lord knows I’ve walked by this place plenty of times without giving it a thought. But as it happened, these guys popped into my radar after a game of seamless web roulette during a late night at the office. Expecting a run of the mill plate of street meat piled onto a stale pita and limp iceberg lettuce, I was pleased to get a plate of ultra moist meat, slightly crisped on the edges, crunchy shredded vegetables, tender grilled peppers, and a fresh, pillowy sesame pita (I would later learn the pita is baked in-house). Despite their out-of-bounds location, I felt that a plate of food that good deserved a visit, and indeed it was worth it.

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