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Treehaus Restarts the ML Sandwich Challenge w/ a Crispy Buffalo Chicken Wrap

We’ve already mentioned midtown newcomer Treehaus (3rd Ave. and 51st St.) for its next-level buffet options, but they’ve now stepped up to the plate with an offering for the Midtown Lunch Sandwich Challenge (remember that old thing!?)  The Crispy Buffalo Chicken, which is priced at $8.50 ($9.25 with tax), is actually a wrap- which generally speaking can’t compare with proper sandwiches — after all, flour tortillas are often just soft, one-note, well, wrapping for ingredients that could otherwise benefit from a nice, crusty roll or slices of bread. Treehaus finds, however, finds a way to elevate the humble wrap by toasting a wheat tortilla in a panini press, giving it nice grill marks and a bit of texture.

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Treehaus Brings Bone Marrow and Pork Belly to the By the Lb Buffet


We here at Midtown Lunch are fans of buffets and gaming the by-the-lb buffet system. But every now and then, a by-the-lb comes along with something special, and there are those of us who have been waiting for the inevitable: a super fancy steam table buffet. And that has happened with Treehaus (3rd Ave+51st St). Opening two weeks ago, Treehaus features everything you get from the other places: two steam tables, noodle bar, salad bar, drinks section, snack section, along with an odd cleaning supply area stocked with Mrs. Meyers (in case you need to do laundry in the office?) But look closer and you’ll notice these aren’t your regular steam table options.

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