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Go for the Black Bean Burger and the Desserts at The Green Radish

Last week, the new Vegan/Organic food truck, The Green Radish, made its debut in Midtown, with a menu featuring various Vegan burgers, sandwiches, salads, and a wide variety of Vegan desserts.¬†Though I don’t usually go for Vegan or vegetarian food, I have friends and family members who do, and it’s nice to know my options in the neighborhood of where I could be content taking them. I decided to catch up with the truck again this week, and found The Green Radish parked on the NW corner of 47th and Madison, setting itself apart from the food trucks and across the intersection in front of the Chase building on 47th between Madison and Park. Here’s the roundup for our first look…

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The Green Radish Makes Its Debut in Midtown

The Green Radish, a new vegan/organic food truck, debuted yesterday in Midtown on 51st Street between Madison and Park. The truck, founded by Chef James Rafferty, formerly of Bouley, showcases Rafferty’s love of Vegan food through a number of different burgers, such as the Black Bean Burger, Chickpea Burger, and Portabello Burger (all $10) as well as other various salads ($8-9) and sandwiches ($10). The truck also features a variety of Vegan friendly desserts – the one most interesting to me is the chocolate peanut butter crunchy quinoa cup with fresh mint ($5).

Early adopters, what’s your take? Let us know in the comments.

The Green Radish, Check FB or Twitter for Locations