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Is Your Job Getting in the Way of You Reading Blogs?

What fun is the Tuesday profile, if you can’t see a photo of the luncher!

WTF is up with workplaces that block access to internet sites?  I’m getting a number of complaints today from people who can’t see the photos on Midtown Lunch because over the weekend Flickr was blocked by their IT departments.  Is this really necessary? Sites like Facebook, or apps like Instant Messenger are going to survive the workplace IT onslaught because so many different kinds of people use them throughout the day from home, etc.  But Midtown Lunch depends on the procrastination of office workers, in particular those who are looking for a way to spend their (god forbid) *entire* one hour lunch break.

If you are having issues like this, one reader suggested using this solution posted by Lifehacker (although another reader commented that his IT department has already blocked against that.) If there are any other tech savvy folks who know of ways around this, please post them in the comments.  What does your work have against you finding lunch?!? Fight the power!  Find ways around it!  Hack your office computers! Buy an iPhone! (That’s all I’ve got.)