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Smashingly Good Burgers From a National Chain


Of all of the various Midtownlunch contributors and personalities, I am probably the most vocal in my outward contempt towards the chainification of New York’s restaurant scene. Not because I’m some flag waiving hippy that’s rallying against ‘the man’, but because I work in financial services and firmly believe that chain restaurants must sacrifice their integrity for the sake of profitability and appeasing shareholders. So it came as an utter surprise to me when I tried NYC’s first Smashburger – a chain over 250 locations strong – and came away as a changed man.
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Free Smashburger Alert: Manhattan's very first Smashburger location, which anhattans-first-smashburger/">we told you about back in January, opens today on 33rd btw. 5+6th Ave and to celebrate they're giving away free classic Smashburgers from 10am to 2pm, and then again from 5-8pm 10am to 8pm.  Limit one per customer. Curious what to expect?  Zach wrote about L.A.'s first location at the beginning of last year.