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Has the Old Shangri-La Cart Been Resurrected in Midtown?


Back in the early days of Midtown Lunch, Zach discovered a cart serving Tibetan specialities on 50th and Sixth Avenue. Then it disappeared into the wilds of Queens leaving us completely momo-less. Amazingly, I spotted a seemingly new food cart on 50th between 6th and 7th. It was overshadowed by the large fleet of food trucks, but there it was: Shangri-La Express. The guys at the cart told me they’ve been at this new/old location for about 3 weeks and plan to set up there every day for lunch. No word on whether this is related to the old one, but if the food is good, it doesn’t really matter.

Check out the menu below to see their offerings, including chicken lollipops, sha-balay (Tibetan beef patties), and of course, momos.

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