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Savory and Sweet is a Decent Comic-Con Lunch Option

Can anyone remember the last time they were ever on 10th Ave for reasons not related to the Javits Center? Other than people working on Hudson Yards, in the pyramidal Associated Press building, and the folks that actually live in Midtown (I know, right? Wow, people actually live here and don’t just disappear to/from Penn Station!) there’s not much if you aren’t a taxi driver looking for tires or repair work. For those that do venture to 10th, where you can see the glory of Jersey in all its riverside splendor, you’ve got a new lunch option as you safari onwards to your eventual destination. Savory and Sweet (located at 404 10th Ave – probably why it’s so hard to find, end nerd joke) appears unassumingly on the corner of 10th and 33rd… just blocks away from the madness of Comic-Con starting today.
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