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Cartwatch: Anybody Seen Richmond’s Italian Ice Truck?


Last week I noticed Richmond’s Homemade Italian Ice truck parked on the SE corner of 40th St & 6th Ave. near Bryant Park.  I’ve actually seen them parked randomly at different places throughout the city, and I guess now they’re trying to settle into Midtown? Sadly, when I went by Bryant Park around 12:30pm yesterday the truck was nowhere to be found. The guy in the truck had mentioned last week that they had trouble finding good parking, and it’s no surprise they had trouble parking near Bryant Park (bet you $$ that Mister Softee was involved.)  They have all your standard flavors like lemon, cherry, watermelon, and they also do milkshakes. Hopefully they’ll find a spot in Midtown… after all, more trucks = a good thing, right?  (Crazy batshit insane Misguided City Council members, you don’t need to answer that question.)

Anybody seen this truck pop up elsewhere in Midtown?  Let us know in the comments…