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Ramini Espresso Bar is Open… for Extended Breakfast

We took a quick visit to Ramini Espresso Bar a while back, run by the team that brought the neighborhood-deli Artichoke Cafe, whose only major outlier was being an awesome supplier of macarons. Since their soft open followed by a less-soft, more-actual opening, not much food has yet to materialize. That’s probably because they left out anything that wasn’t a pastry. Artichoke’s savory offerings weren’t much to write home about, but it sure was always a good excuse to get a macaron for dessert with your create-your-own salad.

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Artichoke Cafe is dead – Long Live Ramini Espresso Bar

West 37th is my old stomping grounds, having worked at an IT managed services provider. In between financial professionals screaming at us about Bloomberg having an unacceptable – UNACCEPTABLE – half-second lag and otherwise-quite-nice people reduced to blood-curdling rage when we informed them a nationwide Blackberry outage was beyond our control to resolve and no, we didn’t have an ETA to resolution – the need to take a break is always omnipresent, and the chance to do so with concentrated, swiftly-consumable caffeine, pounded in a shot like cheap pregaming vodka to burn the throat and take away the mental pain, is always much appreciated. An ML tipster passing by the old home turf sent us word of an espresso joint opening up. Worth a look!

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