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Moe’s Grill Brings Fast Food Tex-Mex to Penn Station

I might have been mildly interested in this news if Baja Fresh hadn’t just opened on 3rd Ave, although I guess if you work near Penn Station you might be down: “I just randomly happened upon this today…. Inside of Penn Station a Moe’s Southwest Grill is set to open — I’d say by Friday. They looked open and staffed, but had the door barricaded. This location isn’t even mentioned on their website as a coming soon! Walking inside towards the A-C-E lines, it’s on the right side. They are also converting the Houlihan’s to a TGI Fridays, and remodeling the Roy Rogers (which contains two other places that I cannot recall). -Lunch’er Joe” Ahhh, Penn Station. What a glorious lunchtime wonderland. Anybody been to this chain before? Is it worth it?