Moe’s Grill Brings Fast Food Tex-Mex to Penn Station

I might have been mildly interested in this news if Baja Fresh hadn’t just opened on 3rd Ave, although I guess if you work near Penn Station you might be down: “I just randomly happened upon this today…. Inside of Penn Station a Moe’s Southwest Grill is set to open — I’d say by Friday. They looked open and staffed, but had the door barricaded. This location isn’t even mentioned on their website as a coming soon! Walking inside towards the A-C-E lines, it’s on the right side. They are also converting the Houlihan’s to a TGI Fridays, and remodeling the Roy Rogers (which contains two other places that I cannot recall). -Lunch’er Joe” Ahhh, Penn Station. What a glorious lunchtime wonderland. Anybody been to this chain before? Is it worth it?


  • I ate a lot of Moe’s growing up in Miami, think it is absolutely better tasting than Baja, Qdoba or Chipotle, I’ll be there at least every other week.

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    I absolutely prefer Moe’s to Chipotle or any of the other burrito chains! I will definitely be a regular customer.

  • Moe’s is alright. I would love to see a Green Cactus in this area though. Leaps and Bounds better than all of this.

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    I ate a decent amount of Moes up at school in Binghamton. Not my favorite but you can get a biiiiig burrito and lots of chips & salsa for around 7 bucks

  • Can you be more specific on where it’s located? (“Walking towards the A-C-E” is pretty vague.) Penn Station is a big place. Is it near the Amtrak waiting area? Near the LIRR platforms?

    My Penn Station recommendation is still the pizza place by the Amtrak area, near the bread bakery. Very good pizza and cheap, large beers.

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    I emailed Zach again last night. I came across a second Moe’s in Penn Station…One that is currently open. I sent him a photo of that location as well.

    There could be others in there. I haven’t walked through the LIRR area yet.

    Steve: It’s literally the second to last storefront on the right before you hit the A-C-E turnstiles. I think it’s next to a Subway sandwich shop — a couple of stores past the Starbucks.

    The second Moe’s location that is open for business is upstairs near the Amtrak/NJ Transit area. It’s on the same side as the Houlihans that is currently being converted to a TGI Fridays. I think that the storefront used to be a Sedutto’s ice cream place. It’s in between a Smoothie place and a bookstore.

    Hope that makes it a bit clearer instead of totally confusing you.

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    Steve: After reading your comment entirely, I would have to say that the second location is near that pizza place/bread bakery/Krispy Kreme. There’s also a bar with tables in a roped off area right near there.

  • I think Moe’s is at Yankee Stadium

  • They also used to have Cinco-De-Moe’s every 5th of the Month two for one tacos.. not sure if they still do that.

  • joer: Thanks. I got it now. And there’s another decent food option for my Penn Sta. business trips now. (I only wish they were open early and served breakfast burritos–too much to ask for though.)

  • Just a thought….No Mamacita no Wayne….no Anastasia… you think they’re doing white sauce research?

  • Had Moe’s at the Yankee game a few weeks ago and I have to admit, it was pretty good for ballpark food being served by a chain restaurant.

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    Sorry but Moe’s is not good. Last weekend I went to the one over on 1st Ave and it was straight up terrible. The chicken was over-salted and their rice leaves MUCH to be desired. They barely give you any sour cream and it is more expensive than Chipotle for less food.

    I will say that their cup lids are fantastic! Other than that, I am not a fan.

  • Moe’s is great – far better than Chipotle. It’s no Willy’s, but yes, it’s good stuff. And they do white cheese dip! This is good news.

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