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Organic Avenue, The Place None of Us Have Been Waiting For, Appears Near Bryant Park

As I was walking towards Bryant Park this week, I noticed an unfamiliar sight – a new storefront on 40th between Broadway and 6th Ave. I looked up at the sign and read the name, Organic Avenue. Now, if you lie awake at night thinking that there’s been a serious lack of kale in your diet, and you just can’t physically imagine going more than a few days without your necessary dosage of sunflower falafel, then you are the type of person who is going to love Organic Avenue.

For everyone else, like those of us who like meat, and eating from places that don’t advertise about Community Cleanses, which, according to Organic Avenue, is “a way to meet new people, share health goals, and cleanse with a group”, then please just disregard this entire post.

Organic Avenue, 5 Bryant Park (40th btw. 6+7th)