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Take Notice of Noodies Thai Kitchen

Noodies Thai Kitchen

As we’ve lamented in the past, there are simply far too many mediocre Thai restaurants up and down 8th and 9th Avenue. But with the arrival of Pure Thai Cookhouse, there’s been a welcome shift towards more interesting Thai restaurants, and Noodies Thai Kitchen is a continuation of that trend.

But first, a correction – as dynamh pointed out in our opening report of this restaurant, the name is indeed ‘Noodies’, and not noodles. As such, the cozy atmosphere is one of the restaurant’s virtues, and reflects tasteful riffs on their namesake. Artwork featuring a topless, buxom female figure adorn the handsome exposed brick wall. Another abstract piece decorates the restroom. The high ceilings are lit by Edison light bulbs, and the rear wall is covered with a colorful collage of bowls. But more importantly, the menu features an unexpected line-up of Thai noodle dishes that offer respite from the irksome pad thais and drunken noodles, while remaining at the ideal ML price point.

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