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No Need to Wait at Sprawling Relocated Kunjip

Ktown mainstay Kunjip reopened on the south side of 32nd street a few months ago, slightly closer to 6th Avenue than before. I will admit to dining here regularly at 3 or 4am after drunken nights out. The worst part was always waiting for a table. Why so many people at that hour? We all knew it’s one of the better restaurants opened at that hour. But look at this new space of two sprawling floors!

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Kunjip’s Kong Gook Soo Will Cool You Down, But Not Much Else

Last week I got an email from Tasting Table alerting me to a special summer dish at Koreatown favorite Kunjip. Kong Gook Soo is a Korean soup I had never encountered before consisting of a ground soybean broth, cold noodles, and cucumber slices. Tasting Table called it “air-conditioning for your insides.” I’m a glutton for air conditioning and new, unusual dishes, so I figured I’d stop by to get a taste.

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