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Kati Junction Satisifies Kati Roll Cravings Further West

Kati Junction sprung up out of nowhere, as it replaced Labeleca in their spot on 40th. Kati Roll Company has had a lock on the Kati roll game in my neighborhood, so it’s refreshing to see a new competitor pop-up in an even more convenient location. So, armed with a craving for Kati rolls, I made my way over to Kati Junction to see what they were offering.

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UPDATED: Kati Junction is Now Open in the Old Labeleca Space

Not sure how long ago Labeleca Pizza (on 40th & 7th) closed down but Lunch’er “FoodGoesInHere” just checked in with an update on the space…

Thought this was worth sharing. Just this morning I noticed a new place called ‘Kati Junction’ on west 40th between 7th and 8th, right next to Maoz Vegetarian (in the space where Labeleca Pizza used to be) that is currently under construction. The sign is up and there is a ‘grand opening’ banner outside, but no other details about when they will be open. They don’t appear to have any online presence other than an entry in, and even that offers no details aside from the address. (Also not to be confused with ‘Kathi Junction’, a mega-franchise in India.)

UPDATE: Apparently Kati Junction is now open. ┬áCheck out the menu after the jump…

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