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House of Brews’ Burger & Beer Lunch


Thanks to Lunch’er Mike for pointing out this deal.  Burger. Fries. Beer.  $10 at the House of Brews on the SW corner of 51st & 8th Ave.

“With tax and tip, it slightly breaks the ML price cap, but the burger was pretty big and delicious, and the beer was Checker Cab Blond Ale, which is at the very least better than Bud Light.  They sneakily charged another $1.50 for cheese, but it’s still a damn good deal, and they have pepper jack.” 

It’s about 5 feet outside Midtown Lunch range (on 51st just west of 8th), and sit down lunches at pubs aren’t really my thing, but if a place is willing to throw in a beer with lunch, and keep the price at $10, they deserve a mention.  House of Brews has a second location on 46th between 8+9th (but closer to 9th).

Are there any other deals like this?  Feel free to comment below…