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5 Lunch Items Midtown Needs from England


If Midtown seemed a little less short and fat last week, it’s because I was stuffing my face in England all week long with my wife and kid. We skipped London, and spent most of the week with family in the West Midlands (aka Birmingham) and the weekend in Devon and Cornwall. While there I enjoyed a couple of lunches I’d really like to see here in Midtown…

Cod and Chips fried the old fashion way… in beef drippings.

We hit up this hipster chip chop in Leamington called The Flaming Pig, where everything is fried up in 100% beef drippings.  If you like your french fries to have a beef after taste, this is the way to go.  Their namesake was pretty good too…


The Flaming Pig = Sausage and chips covered in onions, peppers, and sweet chili sauce.  Nice.  The two guys running the place looked like they could have been plucked out of Williamsburg, and not surprisingly they said they’ll be opening a location of the Flaming Pig in L.A., backed by Michael Caine (!?!)  That’s what we need… a NY based British celeb to bring one of these places to NYC.  Any volunteers?

Pork, black pudding, and the British Mister Softee… after the jump.

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